Product List

Product Name Type Specification/Content Place of Production
Stearic acid SA1801 Beads/Triple Pressed Indonesia
SA1806 Beads/Double Pressed Indonesia
SA1810 Beads/Rubber Grade Indonesia
SA1840 Beads/Triple Pressed Indonesia
SA1850 Beads/Triple Pressed Indonesia
SA1865 Beads/Triple Pressed Indonesia
3018F Flake/Double Pressed China
4018F Flake/Rubber Grade China
Glycerine GLY3025 Liquid (99.5%)(USP/BP)) Indonesia
Lauric Acid SAF1299 Beads (98-100%) Indonesia
Myristic acid SFA1495
Beads (95 min)
Beads (98-100%)
Palmitic acid SAF1699 Beads (98-100%) Indonesia
Caprylic/Capric Acid max SAF0810 Liquid Indonesia
Coco/anut Fatty Acid COF1201 Liquid Indonesia
Zinc Stearate Zn(C17H35Coo)2 SAM-1030 Beads/Powder Indonesia
Lead Stearate Pb(C17H35Coo)2 SAM-2730 Beads/Powder Indonesia
Sorbitol Officinal Grade-7000
Freeze- resisting Grade-7070
Liquid 70%
Liquid 70%
South Korea
South Korea
Candle All specifications and shapes Palm wax products Indonesia
Perfume All types of odor Cologne water 100ml/60ml U.S.A
Wooden horse    Children toys Indonesia
Chair    Speically for children having meals Indonesia